Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Mega Quiz

Mega Quiz is a free fun fully configurable Quiz program with downloadable question sets and set

Sets contain the questions and answers, music and sound clips, pictures, puzzles, spelling and conundrums. Just add players or teams for a great interactive quiz experience.

Never get bored with the same questions as 1000's of more are available for free on the Mega Quiz web site.



PhotoWizz is a digital media card handler which acts as a windows auto play handler to quickly
move or copy digital content from memory sticks and cards to your computer. PhotoWizz is a free program for Windows.


Crossword Creator

Crossword Creator is a free Windows program which automatically creates crosswords using words that you can enter or import.

Grid sizes can be between 8 and 20 tiles wide and high.

The program will then place as may as those words into the grid. Any words remaining can be manually added or changed and then added using drag and drop.


Wordsearch Creator

As the name suggests Word Search Creator is a free Windows program that automatically creates

printed jumbled word search quizzes from a list of up to 40 words that you supply.


MP3 Quiz

MP3Quiz is a free Windows application that plays excerpts of music from random MP3 files selected from your own collection or those on a networked computer.
You then identify the MP3 Artists and Title from a list of possible answers.


Wallpaper Manager

Wallpaper Manager for Windows is a free, simple yet powerful program that allows you add pictures in sets that will be used as desktop wall papers.


Personal Finance Manager

Personal Finance Manager for Windows is a Free program developed to help you manage your finances by enabling you to record transaction and budget information within accounts.

You use PFM to record income and expenditure so that you can reconcile each account against a statement. As you record each transaction PFM calculates a balance and with the aid of a checking check box you can indicate if a transaction has been reconciled.