Backup Folder Sync

Backup Folder Sync is a FREE fast easy to use backup & Restore utility designed to mirror your selected backup folders for Windows.

Using just a click of the mouse you can quickly Include or Exclude Drives, Folders and Files and save them as backup jobs.

When you execute BFS subsequently only files that have changed since the last backup are copied.

Also if you delete any folders or files in the source these items are also deleted in the backup destination set. This means that if you ever had to restore a folder, the content would not have any old deleted files in them.

Backup selections can be saved in Backup Jobs so that you do not need to re-select.

Included and Excluded items are shown using coloured icons in the directory listings and can be changed by right clicking on a folder or file.

The backup produces a report that details each file or folder that has been copied or deleted.

You can backup to a local folder, external drive, USB stick, network share or mapped drive & restore to the original or alternate folder.

Backups can be scheduled.

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