PhotoWizz is a digital media card handler which acts as a windows autoplay handler to quickly move

or copy digital content from memory sticks and cards to your computer. PhotoWizz is a free program for Windows.

Once enabled PhotoWizz will automatically intercept the insertion of a removable media device and quickly transfer the content.

Optionally the program can open a third party viewer program of your choice to view the contents of the transfer.

Further options to ignore certain media volumes and the facility to dictate what files are transferred make this a good utility to make transferring of photos and video etc much faster.

Once install and run you will be prompted to input the default folder location where you want any moved or copied files to be put.

By default the program will always move any files matching your criteria to the destination folder. However holding the keyboard control key down while inserting the media card will cause PhotoWizz to copy the files instead, leaving the originals on the source media card.

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