MP3 Library Player

MP3 Library Player is an Free Windows application that catalogues plays, converts and records MP3 / iTunes music files

Once your music has been added to the library using the dedicated search button or windows drag n drop you will be able to find and sort you music with ease.

The main components are:

    See Karaoke in action
  • A Library of your music held in a database which enables you to quickly search and sort your music.
  • Facility to make,sort and load your own custom play lists.
  • Edit single or multiple MP3 header tags and file-names.
  •  Folder monitoring to automatically add tracks as they arrive.
  • Tag Genre & Year Internet lookups. 
  • Graphic equalizer & music visualizations (includes 250 pre installed plug-ins) 
  • Automatic Lyrics & Biography finder, editors. 
  • Mini player mode & Beats per second analyser.
  • Built in web browser that links directly with library database.
  • MP3 Mix recording, sound effects, i.e. echo phaser etc.
  • Virtual piano & drum kit.
  • Conversion from other music formats i.e. MP3 & iTunes etc.
  • Print and export library database listings.
  • Auto scroll lyrics & built in Karaoke Editor, make any MP3 into a Karaoke track.
    Karaoke in action 
  • Album cover art editor.

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